Meet Chelsea's Charity!

It's no secret that 2020 has been full of twists and turns since we pretty much rang in  the New Year! At a time when we're all going through our own struggles and emotions trying to navigate these uncertain times, I've found that what's helped me personally is finding ways to help people and be of service to my community. When I came across Chelsea's Charity, her mission spoke to my heart and I immediately knew I wanted to find a way to help this amazing and wonderful young lady reach her charity goals! We couldn't think of a better time than than now since May is National Mental Health Awareness month!

Chelsea's Charity officially began at Chelsea's 10th Birthday party when she asked friends and family to bring art supplies for donation in lieu of gifts. Chelsea's desire to support other children and help them know that expression through art can help them heal, cope, communicate and process trauma.

Chelsea knows a lot of kids don't have access to art supplies and this has led her (with the help of her amazing family) to donate over 800 kits and counting! There are a few different ways you can help support Chelsea's Charity.

The first is by simply placing a Hot Sundae order any weekend in May (Friday-Sunday) we will be donating 10% of all sales at the end of the month to Chelsea's Charity! If you have your eye on an item we encourage you to place your order Friday-Sunday 5/1 - 5/31. You'll not only be supporting a small business but also supporting this amazing charity!

You can also head over to her site and support directly by purchasing an art kit for yourself that will also support a donation kit. Or you can also make a donation in any amount to help Chelsea and her family reach their monthly donation goal, right here for PP donations and right here if you want to help Chelsea check items off her Amazon Wish list!

Please head over to her site and read more about this amazing young lady making such a positive impact in her community and the world! Chelsea is planting seeds for our future by positively impacting other kids' lives through art and just letting them know someone cares.

This charity is especially close to my heart, art and kids are life! As a kid I grew up very low income, I know first hand what it's like to not have money for art supplies. My mom and I relied on our local Neighborhood Center that would prove free programs for us neighborhood kids where they provided free meals and art supplies, kits, crafts and games during the Summer months when they knew a lot of us kids relied on school to provide these things. We hope you can help support by spreading the word on the amazing work Chelsea is doing! THANK YOU FOR READING!


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