New Music Obsession - KABLITO

Ok. Are we late here, or what? Either way I thank the Music Goddess for bringing Kablito into my random shuffle! Her beautiful sultry voice pours out the sharpest Spanish lyrics dripping in honey. Scratch that. Kablito drips honey through her music and her beats that could be from any classic love song in the 80's and early 90's. This girl set my 90's R&B loving soul on fire, I hope you take a listen. Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

A little back story on our new music crush Kablito (per her web site):

"KABLITO is a contemporary urban artist from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Her fiercely unique sound blends the latin rhythm’s of her heritage with indie/pop sensibilities, fusing reggaeton and dancehall beats with lush, captivating melodies.

After spending her teenage years in Minneapolis, where she studied music composition and developed her early sound, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has continued to evolve through collaborations with some of the best producers in the industry."

Kablito is currently working on her EP set to come out in early 2020! In the mean time here's some of my favorites that'll be holding me over until then.



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